I almost died today

The scariest thing that happened to me was tonight. Let me start off with what I did that afternoon. Yesterday, I was looking at my folk's mails and thought of opening on of them. A letter for my mom, something about winning a price from a merchandise company of some sort. Then I decided to visit my parents this afternoon just to bring the mails to my folks and see the new pet they have. A black Labrador named "Zorro". I arrived at their house an hour later after leaving my place.

Just like what I do when I'm in my parents house is that I would open the refrigerator and look for food. I saw a bowl of meatballs and took it out and reheat them in the microwave. While talking to my dad, "Zorro" jumped between me and him, slumped on the sofa, and went to sleep. My mom woke up from her nap and asked how I was doing and what I am planning for this month. Later on my mom wanted to watch "The Phantom of the Opera."

While driving to SM North, I told my parents that I heard that the movie isn't that good. And I was right, it wasn't that good. The movie wasn't able to even try to re-create that musical play. In a real theatre, your imagination would go wild but in the movie, you have to make the people see every minute details of the story. Also they changed the few parts of the story. My only comment on the movie is that they made the phantom more handsome than Raul (Christine's lover). The whole conversation went on comparing that production on other classical plays or old stories that has been converted into films while my dad was driving me back home.

The topic detoured to Jesus Christ Super Star. I then inserted a thought from a friend of mine that he hated that movie saying that its blasphemy and the one better made is the Passion of Christ. A pause in the conversation, then I added that I have friends who are Catholics, Muslims, Atheist, and so on and so forth. My dad then turned the topic and focused on me. If my friends are like that that they live with beliefs basing their life by the bible or some other religion, what am I?

I suddenly stopped smiling and so my mom looked at my dad plainly and she answered for me. She answered that I am agnostic. Then my dad continued, "so and what is the basis of my living on my everyday life."

I touched my mom's right shoulder and she stopped talking. I wanted to answer for myself. I believe in God but that is that, I base my everyday life on what I think is right, on how to do good things for me and for the people who are close to me. Then my father asked me, how could I come up with something like that if I don't know or read the bible and how would I know what is good. I said, "Because that is how they raised me; do good things."

I wanted to add more on what I said when all of a sudden the rear right disc break of the car started to act on its own. My dad almost lost control of the wheel. We were at the down slope of the Guadalupe Bridge at that time and good thing that my dad is a very good driver. While trying to drive slowly the break would once in a while act on its own. If my dad speeds up the car would start to release the break. So my dad drove the car slowly until they reached my house.


FuzzyCat said…
OMG.. good to hear that nothing bad happened..
thepoet said…
ehe... ^_^;

i think that was bad enough. Anyway, I escaped death seven times already and this one is my 8th. I'm not afraid of death, I actually wished death to come soon and take me. My only worry was my parents. I didn't want them to die or get hurt in the process. but if I die, they'd still get hurt.
Ayano said…
I'm glad you and your parents are safe ^^

Anonymous said…
And I'm glad I got to see you today. @_@
thepoet said…
:) i'm glad to be alive, bea
thepoet said…
oh and thanks meg. :)
Anonymous said…
Having read what happenned its not like the car was spinning ang tumbling out of control. So to make it short; nothing happenned i just wished you'd really start to lessen your melodramatic views of your life and really start living. Commenting something like "I actually wished death to come soon and take me" Is just so pathetic cause its a means to escape, is that how you want to be looked at? And you call yourself an artist? Someone with so little hope for life & living isn't so. I Challenge you to prove it! Pick your skinny @ss up and really start making a difference once more.
thepoet said…
This comment has been removed by the author.

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