Long Time

It has been a long time since I've seen my friends; months even. If it wasn't for Ian, I wouldn't have seen my old friends as we bumped into them at the mall last night. Ian asked me out to watch the movie Elektra.

It was around 6:45 in the evening when I reached our meeting place. The Time-Zone lobby in Glorieta Four. I gave him a hug and we had dinner at Shakey's in Greenbelt 1. That was a long walk, mind you but I didn't mind. I love to walk with a friend. We talked about some stuff that's been going on in my life since I've been reclusive for more than a month now.

When we got back at the cinema, I went to buy my usual pop corn - Large bag of Sour Cream Pop-corn and a large order of lemonade. Within a few minutes someone called out to me. To my surprise it was Thaddeus, one of my old college buddies. The moment that I recognized it was Thaddeus, I gave him a hug and smiled. Such memories I had with him back in my college years; both good and bad. I could remember helping him and his x-girlfriend back in college with some projects they had and also the time that they broke up. It's been years since I last saw him. I couldn't say that I'm really that happy to see him, I wasn't sure if he's still hanged up on me. *sigh* Talk about having your circle of friends falling in love with you back in college. Although, I could say that it is really good to see him. Though, I do see him online in my Yahoo Friend list, but I rarely talk to him. He only talks to me if he wants to ask something about Photo Shop or Web Design, since that's what I'm good at. Thads told me that I've loosing a few pounds and that it didn't look so good. Well, I can't deny that I am getting thin. He then asked what's the matter with me, did I got sick or something? I answered, "Mental Stress."

Thaddeus laughed, knowing that that's not who I was. I rarely get stressed before, why now. I just smiled and said that we need to catch the starting of the movie. He then wave goodbye and prompted to me that he'll tell my other friends that he saw me; namely, Karl and Ferlin.

So afterwards, Ian and I went in to watch the movie. I knew that it wasn't that a great movie so I just enjoyed my pop-corn and Ian's company. I chuckled at some scenes that I thought was silly. The villains have these great powers but with only one stab *poof* they are dead; talk about being a super hero type cheesy comic. I do believe that the script and the movie itself was done too fast. They overlooked the main character and the villains. The time that movie ended, we didn't wait for the credits to role up. Usually we look at the credits and read the names of who made them. I am sorry but I didn't have much respect to the movie.

While walking at the cinema lobby, I saw Adam walking pass. Ian and I stopped and made a hissing sound 'psst' sound trying to get his attention. It took about five seconds to make him turn to look at us. The moment he acknowledged us, we walked to the Starbucks where his wife, Charms, was waiting. We talked to her and her work. Ian's being himself as usual. Charms made Ian to stop for a while and turned the attention to me. Trying to know what's been happening with my life and my plans for the coming days. After telling my story about what happened why I left my work, she instantly told me that I should have sued the accountant. The conversation went on until I told her that it's already been done and it's been two months since it happened. I cannot make any labour lawyers to back me up now.

After a few minutes, Charms asked the two of us to watch "Meet the Fockers" with them. I checked the time and agreed to join them. Ian went to buy the tickets and so we went to the movie theatre. We had a lot of laughs with the movie and I'm glad that I decided to watch it with them. I must say that that's a good movie better than the first (Meet the Parents).

After the movie, around midnight, we decided to go for some deserts and coffee. We walked to the sky-walk or board-walk rather and saw Coffee Beanery. We settled there and ordered some cakes and coffee. We all shared our order of cakes and talked about movies and how they were made and things like that. It's been a long time since I had any intellectual conversation with my friends. I really enjoyed it.

The time that we decided to leave the place and walked all the way to the parking area, Charms and I walked just a steps behind and talked more about things; important things.

"It is really nice to see you guys again," I said to her and then she gave me a hug, agreeing to my statement. "I missed our conversations."

The conversation ended as we reached my place. I got off and they drove away. Sent a text message to my boyfriend telling him that I got home, played Gun bound before I sleep.
Thanks Ian, that really made me feel good.


thepoet said…
:) just a little bit more.
Ian said…
you're very welcome dearie :) hanggang sa susunod. Make sure you keep eating....
thepoet said…
i eat naman e... well.. once or twice a day. x_x

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