What does it mean?

I used to have this dream or was it a nightmare that I dreamt it three times. First was on my grade school, the second was when I was in high school, and the third time was before I entered college. The dream was somewhat between reality and fantasy.

I was a young girl standing in the middle of a road. Everything was in black and white except for me. I started to walk when fogs and mist crawled in. I then saw this big house on my right and the gate opened suddenly. I went inside and saw this huge dog with fiery eyes looking at me, the dog started to growl showing his teeth and saliva dropping to the ground at it starts to steam up and boil. It looked like it was acid.

In the moment, I just stood there and didn’t give much reaction. I know I should be scared since the dog was almost as big as I was in my dream. I just looked at the dog straight in the eye and then all of a sudden the dog stopped growling and made a sound like s/he’s the one who is scared. I passed the dog and pass through the other side of the house where it lead back out to the road. I then continued to walk straight down the path where all of a sudden a door appeared in front of me. I tried to ignore the floating door but it kept on following me.

Then I decided to open the door, behind it was a colourful place - lush green meadow and a clear blue sky. All of a sudden, a cry from behind came in. Angry mobs were coming after me. I looked and they were relatives of mine. I started to feel frightened and tried to run through the door when abruptly there was a ball n chain that grappled my right foot. I couldn’t reach the door since the ball was too heavy for me to even move. I was feeling desperate pulling my legs when a black Pegasus went running out of the door and startled me. I went flat on the floor as the Pegasus tried to crush the chain and freed me.

The angry mob was almost near us when I climbed onto the mythical creature and flew into the door and through the sky. I looked back down seeing the mob looking at me but they couldn’t or wouldn’t want to get in. I gave the Pegasus a hug and I felt happy.


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