What is the sound of a Heart Breaking?

Reading the blogg from a fellow RO player it reminded me these lines from a movie where I forgot what title it was.. the only thing that I could remember from it was that a man standing by the fire place straight at a woman. The woman stepped up to him and she held his right hand over her bosom then uttered, "Do you feel my heart beating?"

"No," he said.

"That is the sound of my heart breaking," she replied.

I don't know when I saw that or where...but those words cling to me like glue. The man couldn't feel. That is so sad so sad for the girl. I cried on the part of the movie because I do not want that to happen to me. Realizing that the one who love doesn't feel anymore or rather doesn't feel at all.

Right now, I miss my boyfriend. He and I haven't talked much lately (Play's "All I wanted" by Michelle Branch).

I can't sleep again... I know I should be getting some rest as my head is already throbbing. I have a final interview on Monday at nine in the morning. It's just a contractual thing but I'm hoping that I'll get to be part of the company afterwards. Around 1am.. my dad sent me a message asking me to update his website. *sigh* I'd better get cracking on it later or tomorrow. I just don't feel good (aside from the throbbing head ache... I just feel sad). I miss my boyfriend.


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