I am my father's pride

A glimpse of truth passed for only but an hour,
Although, it was not the truth that I was hoping for.
my search for self preservation...relieved
but never enough to put into perspective.

My battle for self reliance...uncounted
for he sees nothing but a shadow of pride.
I am his blood and an extension of his image.
My dreams of being free from these shackles...shattered.

This love that I receive is a love locked away on top of a shelf.
deep inside, I am crippled... still he doesn't care
wishing me to push myself to the top and show him
that I am his blood.

He said that he placed meaning to our names
and how we should live up to it.
That meaning is not my dream
that is not how I want to live.

A moment of weakness, trying to speak
only it made my tears flow like river.
My eyes are sore now... with
never ending pain; never ending torture.

Question remains, when will I be accepted?


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