Call in the Cavalry

Call in the Cavalry

It took a while for me to get the Black War Ram. The most annoying badge to get is the Alterac Valley (AV) and Warsong Gulch (WG). One thing that irritates me in Warsong or in any other Battle Ground are the quitters and whiners who also curse others.

Earlier today, someone whined about having a 5 win streak in Eye of the Storm (EotS) and he hasn't won any WG. If you look at it, EotS is very different in WG. There are 15 people in EotS and only 10 in WG. Each battle ground has its own tactics and if you don't know how to do it, then you might lose the game. Team work; that is the key.

There was also one battle that a gnome rogue laughed when he saw that I was in resto pve build. On the back of my head I said, "go ahead and laugh, we'll just see when you need me the most." Even though I'm a pve build, I can still manage to keep myself alive and heal others until the cavalry arrives. I just hate it when my internet goes on a fritz.

I know I'm not the best player in WoW, but I know what to do (most of the time, hehe).


Wishy said…
HMM.. teamwork.. healing.. not being stupid..

<3 you. :O

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