Champion of the Frozen Waste

Finally got the title: Champion of the Frozen Waste.

I got to finish Malygos after not being able to join in any Eye of Eternity run for the longest time. I know how the tactics goes but being a healer in EoE is tough. It was a good thing that I was in Elemental build this time. I honestly have a hard time healing 10 people without the use of my Grid Add-on.

Sometimes, it's hard to keep your patience when you get wiped for the first couple of times but I'm glad that most of my guild mates are very helpful to each other. I swapped places with one of them to be the DPS in Phase 3.


It's really hard if you didn't get to down Malygos in Phase 1.

If you get to do the "Aces High!" quest and daily, that's pretty much what you have to do in Phase 3 and you get acquainted with the skills.

Before Phase 3 starts, run towards the outside circle with your group as fast as you can.

At Phase 3: Always remember to move and follow someone's lead; always stack with each other so that the healers won't have any problems. What I usually do is that I move side ways every time I attack, using skill one or skill 2. Every now and then heal yourself and always move sideways with your group each time you cast a spell.

That should about do it.


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