Moved to the dark side.

I moved my druid Neollis to the dark side. If only the Cataclysm came early and I might have been a troll druid but I guess from a sexy Night Elf into a big fat cow will do. Don't get me wrong, I love Taurens. It's just y'know... no more sexyness (haha). It took a good fifteen minutes to transfer my character from Dragonblight to Suramar and it took only a few minutes to turn her to the other faction.

One down side on the faction change is that I have to redo my quests especially those that needed reputations; Unlocking them like Argent Crusade and the factions in Dalaran because everything is all Neutral to me; I don't mind, I think. I'll be able to see the story of those quests and it'll be quick since my rep are still the same; It's just a matter of motivation to do them all over again. Am I being sarcastic or what?

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