Celestial tripping

The Celestial Steed was reported earning 2M US in 4 hours. I, for one in particular, got the mount. It's not because of the status on who has the money to spend but just because I love the way it looks and knowing that I don't have to worry about getting new mounts whenever I level my alts.

I've seen people rant about this item almost everywhere; blogs, trade chat, guild chat. And so what if people buy the product? It's their product to sell for those who wants to buy it. If you don't like it then don't buy it. It's the players' game-play anyway; So what if Blizzard earned 2M within 4 hours of its release? I am no Blizzard fanatic tho. I didn't buy those online pets. Sure, they're cute and all but they're not really that practical for me in the game.

I read a comment from a player that he's against it because it shows the status of the rich gamers from the poor; he also said that he's against the $14 monthly payment to play the game. Well, why are you still playing the game, right? I've played a lot of online games; some are free-to-plays and some are pay-to-play. Buying for an in-game item that they released is different from paying the monthly subscription fee.

If some people think that it's worth buying it then it's worth buying. I don't think they are telling off people that I'm "richer" or "better". So they got the mount, big deal, right? I don't think this mount even affects the in-game economy. But I think that this is one way to stop those 3rd party to sell gold; it does hurt some other's ego, I think.

My friend told me once, that online gaming is a cheaper way to get entertainment; It's cheaper than going out every night; watching movies and dinner dates. It's like if you buy a new cellphone; would you buy other accessories to make your life a little more convenient? You get a computer; you buy more RAM; higher video cards; bigger monitors; faster mouse; better keyboards; add lights in your cpu tower; This game item is part of an accessory for those who wants it.

I was chatting in the guild the other day that I got the Celestial Steed and one of them said something that Blizzard is milking the players to buy it. I told him that my boyfriend bought it for me. He goes off, "You're a girl? Ah, that changes things." I took no offence by it. I did get the mount because I wanted a cute flying pony and it makes me happy because my boyfriend got it for me.

For those who wants to bash the mount of where you think blizzard is heading, go ahead. I don't think Blizzard's going to revoke the item since it's already selling. I also think that this mount was meant for girls because it sparkles and it's a pony. I also think it's a sarcastic reminder of the Robot Unicorn Attack for those who hated it.

I'm just a happy WoW customer, that's it.

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