Remote Auction House

I found this from wowhead's blog post. An online Auction House that works in the US Realms. It's still on BETA.

Zarhym said:
The Remote Auction House beta test is now available to players on all U.S. realms.
I've been trying it out and I find it really interesting and saves time. I'm sure a lot of players who has a lot of Charcters in different servers. Some active and some are not.

You can use this remote Auction House if you're logged out or rather you are not logged in on that same server.

Blizzard once again out done themselves. On the side note, there has been some arguments about the Remote Auction House becoming another PAID service aside from the monthly subscription fee. If it's $1 per month, I'd be fine with that but if it costs more then I won't use it.

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